Stancija 1904 (16 Personne) Référence de l'hébergemen: Lux039

Capacité: 16
Istrie - Istra - Svetvincent

Svetvinčenat or Savičenta was named after the church dating from 12th century. The church was entitled to Poreč bishops by the pope Alexander III himself. According to the historical books the area was known for large oak forests that were cleared by Benedict priests who made first roads, churches and houses.  Gradually, Savičenta had become one of the most representative examples of urbanism on Istrian peninsula. Another curiosity of Savičenta is water cisterns: there are no rivers here so water supply depends on collecting the rain-water. One of the oldest cisterns is situated on the estate belonging to Stancija 1904, witnessing the importance of the estate for the village and villagers. First town planning schemes for Savičenta date from 1490`s and were done by Venetian architects of the early Renaissance. Savičenta has a geometrical structure: the main square, Placa, is surrounded by clerical and church buildings. Beside the north side of Placa there is one of the oldest castles on Istrian peninsula – the castle of Morosini Grimani. Nearby Savičenta, rich with history and culture, on the altitude of 266 meters above the sea, in a village of Smoljanci counting 173 souls, stands the property called Stancija 1904. Its name discovers the age of a massive stone house which was refurbished under a careful eye of architects due to a wish of owners to keep a heritage untouched. House is surrounded by the 6 000 m2 garden growing 127 plants. „Stancija“ is an expression used in Istria to describe a special kind of countryside house with garden, sort of a luxurious rural retreat renovated in the authentic Istrian style. On the estate of Stancija 1904 there is a main stone house and three smaller stone houses with apartments offering accommodation for 17 persons in total. All the units are categorized with 4 stars and adjusted to disabled guests.

Stancija 1904 is widely recognized for its cooking school classes which are thematically divided into 4 topics following four seasons, elaborating both blue and green menus, depending on requests and interests of the guests, using only seasonal ingredients in both cases.

Another rule respected here is local production – all the products, diary, meat and vegetables come from local farms and households. Therefore, not only that Stancija 1904 aims to show traditional and authentic Istrian cuisine, but it`s very base is authentic Istrian. On the menu of Stancija 1904 you will find homemade bread with herbs, homemade pastries with truffles, asparagus, meat and meatless sauces, Istrian supa, Istrian maneštra and genuine sweets. Third rule obeyed on estate is respect for lunar phases which were historically followed by vine growers, fishermen and vegetables producers.

Stancija 1904 won the EDEN award (European Destination of Excellence) for 2012/2013 in a category of sustainable tourism due to fact that all the units are adjusted to disabled people, people in wheelchairs, families with small children and pets. Menu and price list here are transcribed to Braille letter, a special letter for blind people.
Stancija 1904 has a recommendation of CondeNast Traveller magazine saying here one will find a pleasant accommodation and great food.
Stancija 1904 is an owner of „Recommended by TripAdvisor award” which is a selective recognition given upon positive feedbacks of the guests and visitors. TripAdvisor has monthly average of 50 million viewers.
Stancija 1904 is famous for its cooking school: Gourmet magazine has put it on 47th place in the world. A big recognition for a small place in a small country!

Supplement for 1 night: +30%
In the price included: Electricity, water, gas, bed-linen and final cleaning, registration.

PRIX Daily louer (EUR)
1040 €
800 €

La taxe de sejour est inclue dans le prix.